Antenatal care – Optimum and Premium

Antenatal care – Optimum and Premium

Our antenatal department has created two care packages for expectant mothers we take care of. Our antenatal packages cover all the necessary services for pregnancies with both low and medium risk and our hope is that they exceed all your expectations. While we strongly support peaceful birthing, we also consider the high level of safety that is only available in a hospital to be of crucial importance. This is why our antenatal care packages include consultation with an anaesthe tist and a screening for operations. These options are only offered by Róbert Károly Private Clinic’s antenatal care packages.

The nine months of pregnancy is crowned by the moment when you first hold your baby in your arms. Th at is why our work does not focus only on the healthy birth of your baby. During antenatal care you will have the chance to consult with our paediatricians so you are well-prepared for the arrival of your baby.

Choose one of our antenatal care packages!

Optimum antenatal care

Premium antenatal care

Optimum package is our low risk antenatal care package. It includes every screening and diagnostic test needed to create a calm environment during pregnancy. The package emphasizes a health-conscious attitude and facilitates happy parenthood.

Optimum antenatal care package - price

Premium package is our medium risk antenatal care package that ensures complete medical support is available for yourself and your baby. Supplementary tests and increased attention avoid any risks and ensure safety for the whole family. We do everything so that your happiness is not spoiled by unnecessary concerns. That is why our obstetricians are available for an unlimited number of consultations and CTG exams. You will have the chance during your pregnancy to consult our paediatrician about the future care of your baby.

Premium antenatal care package - price

We believe that high risk antenatal care should be carried out by university clinics. Those who come to us with such a history we refer to the Obstetrical Gynaecological Clinic No. 1.