The effective treatment of the articulatio sellaris arthrosis

Articulatio sellaris arthrosis

What is this?

Normal joints are covered by cartilage, making it possible for them to move without pain and friction. When the cartilage wears away and the bones rub against each other the joints are affected – this is arthrosis.


Knowing the us e and details of pre vious injuries to the hand may help the diagnosis. Deformity or swelling at the base of the thumb is the symptom of articulatio sellaris. The joint is sensitive to pressing of the thumb, and increased pain when the thumb is twisted indicates wearing away of cartilage between the joints and that bones are rubbing against each other, which may cause inflammation of the mesothelium of the joints.
In early sta ges the thumb can move freely. As it deteriorates, the range of movement is reduced, especially when trying to move the thumb away from the palm.
In an advanced state movement is restricted and deformity occurs on the thumb.


In early sta ges Articulatio sellaris arthrosis reacts wells to conservative (non-surgical) treatment. Resting, fastening and using physiotherapy and antiphlogistic treatment (?) for the thumb, together with steroid injections given into the joint can bring improvement. In later sta ges, plastic surgery on the articulatio sellaris may be necessary. There are many techniques to supplement the surface of the joint surgically. The surgical technique is chosen based on the severity of the condition, physical activity, profession and general state of the patient. Your doctor will inform you about the options.