What is this?

A Ganglion is a benign cyst that is common on the hand or the wrist. It can occur on both sides of the wrist, the knuckle (?)and the base of the fingers. It mainly appears in line with the joint or along the sheaths. It usually does not have a specific reason. A small trauma might appear before the occurrence of the cyst. It can be quite painful, especially if the hand or the wrist is under constant strain. The size of the ganglion may vary according to the strain and it can also disappear naturally. It is benign but in some cases it might occur again.


Treatment depends on the symptoms caused by the cyst. In the beginning rest, fastening or extracting the content of the cyst may help. If it is painful or restricts movement, or the patient is disturbed by its sight and the treatment does not work, then the cyst should be removed surgically. The surgery is usually performed as a one day procedure. Anaesthesia can be local, general or regional (on the upper arm). The aim of the surgery is to find the origin of the cyst and cut it out altogether. It often means the removal part of the tendon case as well. If the surgery removes a cyst from around the wrist then wearing a wrist fastener is recommended. The swelling, sensitivity and pain of the scar after surgery varies and may persist. The time needed for the return to full activity also varies . Some cysts may occur again after being removed.