Fertility Centre

Fertility Centre

Contact us because

  • The succes rate of our Fertility Centre is among the best in Hungary – your chances to get pregnant in our clinic are better than the average.
  • Our protocol is based on international standards and is fast and effective. We can discover the reason for infertility within six weeks.
  • We only perform treatments based on individual and precise tests. We avoid unnecessary hormone overdoses and any treatment that puts too much needless strain on the body. All of our patients are treated according to a personalized plan.
  • Our well-equipped, modern endoscopic operating theatre simplifies the treatment of problems causing infertility, quick recovery is guaranteed by the familiar environment and fiendly atmosphere.
  • The doctors in our Fertility Centre are experi enced professionals, the staff supporting them operate as a team and our assistants and embryologists are trusted by the patients.
  • We perform necessary tests and treatments very gently and considerately, accompanied by comforting services.
  • Knowing that thousands of families have found happiness due to our treatments gives us renewed energy day by day to continue our devoted fight against infertility.
  • If the possibility of infertility has appeared in your family then make an appointment to have a fertility test.

Fertility test

The framework of the fertility test is the opening and closing consultation.

The tests and their analysis take place between the opening and closing consultations.

Your examination schedule will be personalized, with the appropriate amount of time and attention.

1. Opening consultation

The first step is getting to know each other. The aims are to discuss the medical aspects of infertility and to get to know your expectations.

During the opening consultation we

  • take your medical history
  • check your medical reports
  • summarize your history
  • arrange the necessary tests

You can start your baby project with a carte blanche as we open a new file for you.

2. Tests

From now on the road branches off: the female and the male tests are taken at the same time.

By the time the series of tests are over we will have a considerable amount of objective facts and results.

Analysing this data and finding the relations between them predicts the type and sequence of treatments ahead of you.

3. Closing consultation

The closing consultation leads you to the second phase, which is starting the infertility treatments.

A decision is made on the closing consultation about the desired reproduction treatment method.

  • We hold an anaesthesiology and andrology consultation if necessary
  • Practical questions are discussed. We give you the patient declaration form, make appointments and give you practical advice for the treatments.