Birthing in Róbert Károly Private Hospital


All the obstetricians and midwives of the family- oriented Róbert Károly Private Clinic’s maternity centre are real professionals. We provide every expectant mother who trusts us and gives birth in our clinic with decades of experience, professional commitment and a humanistic approach. Whoever your obstetrician or midwife might be, you can rest assured that they will provide you with support to the best of their knowledge during labour and birthing.

Birthing with a selected midwife

Our family- oriented maternity centre recommends choosing the help of a midwife for those who would like to have the most natural and peaceful birthing possible. During the natural process of birthing everything happens at your own pace, while the midwife observes the process in the background, ready to be there for you as soon as you need any help or encouragement. The safety of birthing is guaranteed by the doctor on duty, but he/she will intervene only when required to protect the health of the mother or the baby.

Birthing with a selected obstetrician

As well as peace we pay equal attention to safety. Birthing with a chosen obstetrician is recommended for those who do not want to give birth at home, because knowing the obstetrician personally and understanding the infrastructure provided by the hospital is of vital importance in ensuring safety. The obstetrician is supported by an experienced midwife, and they act together as a team.

Birthing with a selected obstetrician and midwife

Giving birth is one of the most important moments of a woman’s life. We understand perfectly that you will only feel comfortable at this exceptional time of your life if you know and trust the professionals around you. The midwife is responsible for the peacefulness of the birthing while the obstetrician facilitates a feeling of safety.