Family oriented maternity centre

Family oriented maternity centre

Róbert Károly Private Clinic is a real family hospital; th at is why it goes without saying that we established the first, truly family oriented maternity centre in Hungary. We created the style and services of our maternity centre and birthing rooms based on the experiences of Dutch, Danish and some positive Hungarian initiatives. Try us and give birth to your child with us at home!

We have combined safety and peace in our family- oriented birthing rooms; this is the humanistic method of childbirth. That way, we can make sure childbirth is natural and keep the mother and her baby perfectly safe. Our humanistic approach to birth involves the whole family. We aim to provide the new family with a planned experience throughout the whole pregnancy and childbirth. We are aware that professional and sympathetic support throughout the nine months and a graceful childbirth can enrich and deepen the relationship between parents, children and the whole family.

Peaceful birthing

Peaceful birthing does not mean leaving you on your own. On the contrary! Women in labour never got more attention than during our peaceful birthing. What has happened during past decades? Birthing was "guided” by a doctor. He or she le d, directed and intervened; the mother was merely a passive subject of the clinical procedures. In peaceful birthing the midwife and the obstetrician consider the feelings, needs and requests of the mother. They do not lead, but support. They do not lead, but follow. They do not deprive the mother of the feeling of personal safety that instinctive knowledge gives, the confidence that she is able to give birth to her child and is able to stay in touch with the natural procedures. Meanwhile the infrastructure and professionals at the hospital guarantee necessary safety.

How do we support you during birthing?

Our well-trained midwives are familiar with aromatherapy ( natural (?) oils) and homeopathy to facilitate labour and birth. You can give birth while lying on a double bed, leaning to wall-bars, swinging on a ball, under a nice shower or in the bath . During labour and birthing we encourage you to find the best possible position. During preparations and labour we only use interventions that are necessary for the safety of the mother and baby. If more than one solution can be used, we always prefer the natural way .