Harvesting umbilical cord blood stem cells in Róbert Károly Private Hospital

Harvesting stem cells from umbilical cord blood

What are the advantages of umbilical cord blood stem cells?

The three advantages of stem cells from umbilical cord blood compared to adult stem cells are: they can be harvested without pain, they are genetically identical and ageless, which means they don’t age with the body. Harvesting umbilical cord blood stem cells is a painless procedure, compared to harvesting it from the bone marrow, which requires an operation.

Tissue stem cells theoretically have the capacity to divide unrestrictedly, but they age with us and every damage our body suffers has an effect on our genetic stock. Stem cells of the umbilical cord are a maximum of nine months old . Because they are very young cells, their capacity to divide is high and they can produce many cells in their life. In addition, their genetic stock is theoretically free of any environmental damage .

A great advantage of the umbilical cord blood stem cell reserve is that it can be immediately used if needed, as it contains cells totally identical to that of the patient. There is no need to look for a donor and that increases the chance of recovery. It can be extremely hard to find an appropriate donor for a person belonging to an ethnic group whe re the patient has rare tissue antigen characteristics. Using the umbilical cord blood stem cells means there is only a very slight chance of the new cells attacking the cells of the host body.

How is the umbilical cord blood harvested?

The service of harvesting the umbilical cord blood stem cells includes harvesting and storing the stem cells:

  • sampling in the birthing room,
  • screening the blood taken from the mother,
  • transporting the umbilical cord blood sample to the laboratory,
  • Processing and storing the frozen sample and determining its blood producing stem cell content