Hotel service

Hotel service

Róbert Károly Private Clinic is a family hospital. Our aim is to serve the families to the very best of our abilities at a time when all their thoughts are fixed on the newcomer. These exceptional moments will have a special place in family stories, so we try to make them as memorable as possible.

We welcome mothers with the caring and considerate atmosphere they are used to at home. Personalized care not only includes the mother and the newborn, but the father and the grandparents as well, who are new to this role. Our family rooms are a perfect place for visitors to wait for the newborn to arrive. The father can also spend the night in our clinic to learn about caring for the baby, bathing or helping with breastfeeding from our colleagues. If you intend to use the family room the father gets full service as well.

The rooms at Róbert Károly Private Clinic offer all the comfort and service of a three star hotel, so you can spend these extraordinary days in a similar environment to your home. Apart from the family rooms, we also offer rooms with two beds and a bathroom for those who would rather spend these days with other, possibly more experienced mothers.

The family atmosphere in our clinic is not only supported by the environment and the helpfulness of our staff,but also the quality of the food. In Hungarian folk culture friends and neighbours also took part in taking care of young mothers. There is no need for this in Róbert Károly Private Clinic as our family hospital covers all these aspects to a high standard. Our new service provider is recognised as bringing a new style to Hungarian cuisine. These healthy and light meals are prepared from the freshest ingredients and with the latest technology. Mothers can choose from four set menus, including vegetarian and dietetic.