Neonatal care in Róbert Károly Private Hospital

Neonatal care in Róbert Károly Private Hospital

Taking care of the newborn in the birthing room

The Neonatal Emergency Service of our clinic ensures that newborns can get immediate and intensive care in case of any issues of adaptation. „The First Golden Hour of the Newborn” Project provides the highest quality baby care in the very first hour of their lives. At every birth in our clinic an experienced neonatologist is present to help with baby care in the birthing room and in the intensive care unit if necessary. This ensures that treatment of sudden pathological cases can be started immediately. Our neonatologists are regularly trained by the Peter Cerny Foundation.

The usual stay in the hospital after giving birth is 3x24 hours, usually 3-4 days, but this can vary from person to person. The period of time depends on the state of health of the baby and the mother, the weight of the baby, breastfeeding and possible jaundice. Milk usually comes in on the third day. The success of the compulsory phenylketonuria (PKU) test to check the newborn baby’s metabolism depends on how much milk the baby consumes, so it should be made on the 4th day.

Every newborn baby loses a bit of weight. In the case of really lightweight babies it is important to wait for the weight loss to stop, and the weight gain to begin.

Appearance of physiological jaundice on the third day after birth is normal. The reason for it is that the red blood cells produced in great numbers within the uterus become useless after birth, and during the process of breaking them down yellow pigment is produced. In some newborns this appears suddenly, in others the process is slower and cannot be noticed. We cannot be predict what will be the case with your baby.

Neonatal care

Newborn babies receive "rooming in” placement in our clinic. This means that babies spend as much time with their mothers as the mother wishes. Newborns spend their time in their own little cots with wheels; every cot is equipped with a breathing monitor. The cot is portable, so mothers can easily push it to the newborn ward if they want to rest. Bathing and the morning measurement of the baby is carried out in the newborn ward. On the request of mothers the nurse will demonstrate the bathing process.

Paediatrician visits are held on weekday mornings and afternoons, on weekends and in the morning on holidays. On these occasions you will be informed on the health of your baby and check-up results, and all your questions will be answered.

Feeding newborns

The most important and best nourishment for babies is breast milk. We encourage your milk to come in as early as possible . This is the best way to help exclusive breast milk feeding . This can be encouraged by early skin-to-skin contact (right after birth, or in the case of Caesarean, as soon as the mother’s state allows). Our trained nurses will help you to learn the best breastfeeding and expression techniques.

We use boiled drinking water until the mother’s milk comes in. Any other supplementary nourishment can only be used if the doctor instructs it, after consultation with the mother.

Paediatric check-ups

Thorough paediatric check-ups are carried out at the newborn ward both after birth and before taking the baby home ( in addition to daily check-ups).

  • Taking blood on the third th day after birth to check jaundice, CRP test to exclude any infections.
  • Hearing test before taking the baby home
  • Determining blood group based on umbilical cord blood, if the mother belongs to group 0 or Rh negative.
  • Ear discharge culture (in case an infection is likely)
  • Checking the hips after birth and before taking the baby home
  • PKU check on the fourth day after birth


  • Vitamin K after birth
  • BCG vaccination
  • Navel care (alcohol, talcum powder)
  • All other treatments (collyrium, antibiotics, Hepatitis vaccination) must be agreed to by the mother.

Taking the baby home

Before taking the baby home from Róbert Károly Private Clinic the newborn receives a health certificate and two copies of a final report that includes the events and check-up results of the first few days.

Staff of the Newborn ward

Dr. Éva Gál, chief paedetrician

Dr. Andrea Balogh

Dr. Krisztina Bánffy

Dr. Anna Dely

Dr. Olga Kónyi

Dr. Éva Kovács

Dr. Erika Pataki

Szilvia Böröczki, baby and child nurse

Márta Darányi , baby and child nurse

Edit Máté Istvánné , baby and child nurse

Zsuzsanna Réti , baby and child nurse

Katalin Werner , baby and child nurse

Mária Tamásné Garay, chief nurse, head of department