Treatment of diseases caused by gallstones effectively with laparoscopic procedure


You can get rid of this ticking bomb of pain through simple surgery

Gallstone surgery at our clinic

The surgery department of Róbert Károly Private Clinic focusses on the following factors: time, pain and safety. The guarantee for quick, painless and safe gallstone surgery is not only our modern technology but the experience of our surgeon, who has performed many laparoscopic gallstone surgeries in the past 15 years. No serious complications have occured so far. The conversion rate (the need to switch to traditional surgery) is really low, around 0.5%.
Our patients can expect completion of the gallstone surgery procedure in one day . After the arrival in the morning we perform the surgery on the same day and you can leave the next morning. One week after the surgery you can go back to work.
Another advantage of laparoscopic gallstone surgery is that we make a very small incision, so the pain after surgery is low – less even than stomach ache.
Laparoscopic technology is beneficial for everyone, especially obese patients.

Compared to traditional surgery the duration of gallstone surgeries performed in our clinic are the following:



surgery duration



time spent in hospital

appr. 30 hours (1 night)

5-8 days

time spent not working

1 week

4-6 weeks

Cosmetic result

4 pcs 1-2 cm incision

1 incision under the ribs, appr. 10cm

What happens to you during gallstone surgery?

  1. Preliminary examinations: Ultrasound scan, x-ray, ECG, laboratory tests, anaesthesiology test. The aim is to avoid risks and check for other diseases; this takes 1-2 hours. If you make an appointment then you don’t need to wait before the tests.
  2. Preparation for surgery: this surgery does not require special preparation.
  3. Patient registration in the morning. Surgery is performed in the same afternoon.
  4. The patient is under 24-hour observation after the surgery before allowing them home, but a longer stay is possible if required.