Haemorrhoids - Longo procedure

Haemorrhoids - Longo procedure

What is the advantage of Longo procedure?

  • Longo procedure is performed under general or spinal anaesthesia, its duration is an average 20 minutes. Right after the surgery, rectal pain can be experienced for a few hours, but painkiller injections can ease it. By the following day the pain is minimal or stops altogether. The first secretion can be expected at this time accompanied by some blood but no pain. On the second day after surgery the patient can leave hospital and is able to drive , if they wish. The days after the procedure the patient may experience black and blue spots around the anus, small swelling or inflammation. One week after the procedure, when symptoms are easing, physical strain can be increased. Strenuous physical activity, sport, or sitting for a long time is not recommended at this time. It is recommended to supplement the usual diet with a lot of fibre and liquids.

What happens during surgery?

  • During the operation a ring of rectal mucosa is cut off from the end of the rectum by a circural stapler. The remaining tissues are restored by a series of Titanium staples. The procedure is performed by a device specially created for this procedure, called a PPH circular stapler, that can only be used once. During the procedure we cut out the extra tissues that cause the prolapse of the rectal mucous membrane, and cut through the veins supporting haemorrhoids. As a result of this the inner and outer haemorrhoids wither, and the prolapse disappears. Modern haemorrhoid surgical technology is based on the recognition of the benefits of one day surgery and that a smaller the wound reduces pain and speeds recovery.