Diagnosing and eliminating complaints caused by hernia


What causes hernia? It can be caused by personal predisposition , for example if one has weak connective tissues or is obese. In these cases the tissues are looser, stretch more easily and are under more pressure than usual.
Strain on the body like lifting heavy objects or a sudden movement can also cause hernia. It can also be the result of abdominal surgery when the abdominal wall is weakened and cannot stand the pressure on the abdominal cavity nor support internal organs. Ferine cough, constipation and other chronic diseases can also create the environment for hernia.

The only treatment for hernia is surgery

  • The only solution for hernia is surgery. You must face the facts – hernia is an irreversible injury of the abdominal wall, and it can only get bigger. Spontaneous disappearance or regression does not occur in adults. Its deterioration and complications can be avoided if surgery is performed as soon as possible after the first observation of hernia.
    Hernias that form on the abdominal wall after surgery require urgent treatment because the structure of the abdominal wall means it might not be possible to reconstruct later.

What should I do: live with it or get rid of it?

  • Why is hernia dangerous? Hernia causes quite a lot of inconvenience . Sometimes it also causes pain and constipation. But the real danger is the hernia’s strangulation. Here the protruding organs have no way back, the strangulated part becomes swollen, and cannot be placed back manually. In this case the strangulated hernia’s blood supply is obstructed, thus the organ might deteriorate. If a part of the bowels are strangulated and deteriorate, this can be life-threatening and the lack of an immediate surgical procedure might lead to death.
    These dangers are the reason why the best solution to every hernia is surgery. What’s more, the smaller the hernia, the less complications it may cause and it can be more successfully operated on.